Bog Oak

Our exclusive products are crafted from ancient black oak.  It is a valuable raw material of fossil wood.  This wood has been preserved under the water or soil for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years.  As a result of the passing of time the outer bark and sapwood have long since decayed and the remainder is conserved in a unique way.  This is the process of petrifaction. Its density and hardness have changed.  Oak wood includes tannins which react with salt iron present in water.  Over time the colour of the wood has deepened, from dark brown and sometimes achieving a dense black. The wood taken from soil requires a long preparation and cleansing, a proper drying and processing.  After this the wood can be used to create beautiful furniture.

Unfortunately, only a small amount of wood can be salvaged from destruction. This makes our products all the more exclusive.

 All our products are originally handmade. The oak wood from which our collection is crafted, is certified to be approximately 1600 years old.

Every piece of furniture we produce has its own individual and unique character. Our intention is combining a part of history with our love for wood. In our collection you will find the authentic traces of wood history.